About Raqamiya Managment Consulting

Al Raqamiya Managment Consulting was established in November 2016 with its Head Quarters in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Al Raqamiya is founded by ambitious and visionary UAE National Mr. Mubarak Mubarak Ali Ghanem Al Qubaisi.

Mr. Mubarak gained all his experience while he mainly managed his family’s well-known and privately owned construction business alongside other family members, focusing on his expertise on the side he also works in the auditing department of one of the largest Oil and Gas companies in the UAE. Mubarak comes from a family of proud tradition, which employs the highest levels of professional, ethical and cooperative standards in Management.

Al Raqamiya has the required local knowledge, resources and credentials to support the client’s needs in Abu Dhabi, UAE and Wider GCC. Al Raqamiya is currently providing services to clients in SME Sector with specific focus Cafeteria, Retail, Supermarkets, Real Estate Leasing, Property Management and Maintenance, Construction etc.

Al Raqamiya has established professional association and working relationship with well-known Accounting, Auditing and Management Consulting Firms based in India. This relationship enables AL Raqamiya the required bandwidth to have access to experienced and knowledgeable professionals, access to knowledge bank and best practices database and to execute engagements to the satisfaction of Client’s Needs.