Book Keeping

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services in UAE

Careful and effective management of business resources is essential to achieving growth in the corporate world.
Make sure you have the proper systems in place to maximise your business’s resources, with professional accounting & bookkeeping services in UAE.
Partner with Al Raqamiya Managment Consulting – the leading accounting solutions expert in the UAE.

Organise Your Books with Professional Bookkeeping and Accounting

Al Raqamiya Managment Consulting can service your business with a tailored accounting solution, so you have clear, complete, and organised records of your finances. We provide expert bookkeeping services to companies in entire UAE with a focus on helping small and medium-sized businesses establish lean and efficient operations.

We are capable of assisting companies in all industry sectors and emirates, from Abu Dhabi and Al Ain to the entire Northern Emirates. We have developed a tailored & implemented methodology across different sectors for supporting companies in UAE.

Our team understands the financial challenges of SMEs. With that in mind, we help our clients make sure that their finances are on track through flexible accounting packages.
We offer part-time bookkeeping solutions as well as outsourced accounting services, which are handled by experienced & professional accountants.

More than being service providers, we partner with clients in order to achieve their unique long-term goals. Our accountants will ensure that clients are in compliance with UAE VAT / Excise Duty Laws.

Choose from our flexible accounting & bookkeeping solutions

Companies in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, and the Northern Emirates can choose from our flexible accounting services, depending on their business needs.
We offer the following types of arrangements:

  • Setup 1

An experienced and professional accountant works remotely as an outsourced bookkeeper and accountant for you from our office; pertinent documents and records can be mailed physical or electronically

  • Setup 2

An experienced and professional accountant is physically assigned at your office to provide accountancy and bookkeeping services

  • Setup 3

An experienced and professional accountant can work remotely and on-site for a client, the scheduling of which can be agreed upon prior to start of service

The advantages of accounts outsourcing

A client will be charged a monthly fee, which will be rated depending on the accounting services / package they have chosen to acquire. For the exchange of this nominal fee, clients can save on the following costs for recruiting a full time Accountant at their office.

  • Visa fees
  • Annual leaves
  • Monthly salary
  • Plane tickets
  • Gratuity payments
  • Overtime fees
  • Regular increments

Talk to one of our consultants about your package today

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