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                          Agile Infrastructure


In today’s fast-paced environment, businesses need to respond instantly to changing demands or face the risk of being left behind. Businesses are turning to increasingly flexible and adaptive infrastructure solutions that will withstand ever-changing demands in a way that traditional infrastructure – often rooted in a 3-5 year refresh cycle – won’t.

The expectation of IT is constantly increasing – with IT expected to deliver more, faster, whilst also reducing costs. As a result, IT are seeking new ways to rapidly deliver business applications and services while driving down overall TCO to achieve a faster time to ultimate business value.

Our agile infrastructure solutions are built on the pretence of making IT infrastructure invisible – giving you the ultimate flexibility and scale to respond rapidly to your changing business needs and demands. With the intention of lowering risk to your business and lowering your total cost of ownership – allowing your IT team to focus on important business initiatives and driving innovation throughout the business, knowing that their infrastructure solution is ready for anything.


Performance defined by software.
Performance is paramount. By software-defining elements of the infrastructure – including networking, storage, CPU and security – and delivering them as a service, we are able to deliver you a level of performance like no other. In addition, the provisioning and operation of the entire infrastructure is entirely automated by software. This results in an infrastructure that is self-aware and self-governing – allowing your team to re-focus their efforts on driving other IT initiatives.

Limitless scale on demand
Business demands change and fluctuate, therefore it is important to ensure that your infrastructure can cost-effectively support your business requirements when they arise. Hyper-convergence enables your infrastructure solutions to scale on demand – both up and down – giving you the flexibility to manage whatever requirement your business presents. By converging compute, virtualisation and storage into a resilient, software-defined solution, we power mission-critical workloads at any scale in real-time – reducing power and space in the process, and dramatically eliminating storage complexity.

Cloud-ready and cloud-aware
With 90% of businesses already using cloud services, and many businesses adopting a cloud-first strategy moving forward, it is crucial to make sure that you are future-proofing any investment that you make. Our agile infrastructure solutions are cloud-ready and cloud-aware, meaning that you have the peace of mind that you can absolutely leverage the cloud when, and if, you need to; however you have no financial commitment on day one


Key Benefits of our Agile Infrastructure Solutions

Cloud-ready infrastructure
Cloud-ready and cloud-aware so you can leverage the cloud when you choose to.

On-demand scale 
Hyper-convergence enables your infrastructure to scale on demand – giving you flexibility whatever requirement your business presents.

Unrivalled performance
Software-defining elements of your infrastructure to deliver a level of performance like no other.

 Lower costs 
Enable IT to reduce costs by improving the utilisation of server hardware, reducing capital and operational costs.

Increase agility
Flexible and adaptive infrastructure to withstand changing demands in a way traditional infrastructure – on a 3-5 year refresh cycle – won’t.

Simplify management and lower TCO
Peace of mind that your self-governing infrastructure is ready for anything

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