Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery


Server racks in server room data center.

In today’s landscape, businesses have become so reliant on their IT infrastructure, and seamless access to data and applications, that it is now unthinkable to operate without functioning IT – for any length of time. Over the next 10 years, the amount of data businesses are consuming will grow at an alarming rate. It’s anticipated that the number of files will multiply by a factor of 75, whilst the amount of data that businesses consume will exceed 50 times what it is today.

As a result, this footprint of intellectual property will form the lifeblood of business operations, and access to these will be even more critical than it is today – losing access to this is not an option for many businesses, however the number of staff dedicated to looking after it is predicted to stay flat at best. The additional complexity that increasing servers, data and applications creates, will in many cases, result in a decreased ability to recover from an incident. Forrester research suggests that in 2007, 30% of businesses could recover from disruption in less than one hour, compared to only 2% in the increasingly complex and IT-centric environments we operate in today.

Our business continuity & disaster recovery solutions mitigate the detrimental impacts that unplanned incidents including; earthquakes, terror attacks, cyber-attacks, equipment failure and even human error, have on a business’ ability to function seamlessly, whilst providing the assurance that businesses can recover to ‘business as usual’ efficiently.


A solution for ultimate assurance

Typically we see disruption fall into either loss of access, or loss of service. Loss of access incidents prevents your workforce from attending their normal place of work, and therefore are unable access the IT systems. If a loss of access event persists over longer periods, then the ability of an organisation to maintain their IT systems can be affected; potentially leading to a ‘Loss of Service’ event.

Loss of service events are the result of a loss of one or more critical components in an organisation’s IT infrastructure. These can range from the loss of a single application/service to the loss of the entire infrastructure. Cetus provide business continuity & disaster recovery solutions to ensure you are always able to access your IT systems and solves all of your backup, archiving and disaster recovery challenges to assure you can recover from any incident. We go further than just protecting server infrastructures by enabling user desktops to be created and maintained in the protected environment, enabling complete testing and restoration of this critical element.


Transforming recovery objectives into actuals

Many businesses work to recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives, but in actual fact, an untested backup and DR strategy based on ‘objectives’ is not worth the investment if you cannot be sure how long it will actually take to recover. We ensure that our business continuity & disaster recover solutions include recovery assurance in the shape of recovery time actuals. With a minimum of monthly testing, you can be confident in exactly how long it will take you to recover from any incident and that the subsequent recovered infrastructure is ‘viable.’


Take the headache out of testing

How often are you able to conduct a full (and realistic) enactment of your Business Continuity Plan? Cetus conduct regular full-infrastructure restores within our virtual environment, or to your own infrastructure. This provides complete confidence that, should the need ever arise, your plan will meet expectations. We automate and test DR procedures that allow flawless failover in the event of an incident. It allows Service Delivery Managers to manage SLAs that are meaningful to the line of business, and demonstrate compliance with business continuity requirements. The business can rely on IT to provide continuity of business processes, without fear of indefinite outages.


Key Benefits

Fully managed failover.
We provide a fully managed service whatever level of backup, archiving and disaster recovery you require.

Recovery assurance
Recovery time actuals with a minimum of monthly testing, so you can be confident in exactly how long it takes for you to recover from an incident.

Pay as you grow
Scalable solutions that will grow with you as your data, infrastructure and number of applications increases over time.

Lower TCO.
Eliminate costly and time-consuming DR testing processes and dramatically lower the resource absorbed in ensuring your solution is delivering against your requirements.

Simple pricing
Remove the need for a permanent physical infrastructure to be maintained, and instead provide a virtual replica of your servers and storage within our data centre.

One solution for full protection
We allow user desktops to be created and maintained in the protected environment, enabling complete testing and restoration of this critical element.