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HSE Audit conducted for a confidential  Oil & Gas Company”

Oil and gas refinery plant or petrochemi

The primary objective of HSE 


Assess the effectiveness, and efficiency of the internal controls exercised in the overall HSE Management System including review of the Design and Review of Corporate HSE policies, procedures ,framework  of HSE reporting system, Incidents reports closure mechanism etc..,

Assess adequacy of -Personal Protective and critical equipment, Processes established to provide effective oversight HSE activities of contractors and subcontractors, Processes and arrangements implemented to meet the asset  related specific HSE requirements & appropriate facilities, Emergency Preparedness and trainings conducted (medical facilities, fire protection an environmental incident capability)


To Identify and track compliance with legal / regulatory requirements

Areas covered in HSE Audit

Policies review, Risk Management System, Asset Integrity, Environment Assessment, Waste Management, Emergency Response system, Incident Reporting system, Abandonment & Decommissioning, Fire Safety, Medical /Health Process review, Permit to Work, Security Process Review




Revamped Asset Integrity (AI) team functions with certain HSE related matters through process safety and how they function together achieve the objective of HSE policy effectively


Developed Robust and efficient Process safety information system


New KPI for Permit to work, Process Safety to enhance Reporting Mechanism


Audit offshore location by filing in Questionnaires


Digitalizing Employee Health Records and Risk profiling


Continuous Monitoring of local HSE compliance to avoid penalties


Key benefits Realized from the HSE Internal Audit


Legal Shield

Incorporating the requisite health and safety practices offered protection to the company in the face of law suits and legal compliance

Creating Win-win situation

Enablement of health and safety practices at the workplace creating a win-win situation for both management and employees


Cost Savings

 The ability to Identify and correct regulatory deficiencies, which has improved workplace safety and help reduce liability.


Safety Management culture

Higher Employee performance and greater team synergy employees are now better aligned with the company’s vision and strategic goals fosters safety management ambience.



HSE system with adequate risk assessment minimised the occurrences of such misfortunes and protected the brand’s reputation. Managing and mitigating future risk effectively ensuring the brand’s reputation stays intact.

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