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Consultancy Services

Al Raqamiya offers formal IT consultancy services tailored to the specific needs of organisations. Our depth of expertise across a wide range of service areas make us the perfect partner for IT consultancy

Should companies require detailed information on a specific area of their IT (from security to cloud hosting), or are looking to strategically develop their systems, we can provide the expertise for your business.

Depending on your project, our IT consultants will use their expertise, relevant software and best practice to get you answers. They will then create a detailed consultancy document covering findings, suggesting IT improvements, and outlining the advantages and disadvantages of various solutions.

Should you choose, Al Raqamiya's IT engineers can also then plan and implement these IT improvements for you, overseen by the consultant.

Our IT consultancy is ideal should your organisation need a fresh pair of eyes for its IT infrastructure, have concerns about its IT security or require expertise not available from their existing IT service provider.


If this describes your situation, feel free to contact us.

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